Pixmania Ireland

An affiliate of FOTOVISTA group, Pixmania Ireland sells more than 900,000 products at their best prices. Customers can make bank transfer payments which will be processed only when the bank transfer is received. Off-line payments might take several days. Delivery of products will be made by two methods, Express delivery method and Standard delivery method. Shipment of products through Express Delivery is done via UPS Express and that of Standard Delivery is done through BPost. Delivery charge is calculated based on the weight of the shipping product. You may contact them by email or call them over telephone for customer support.


To trade with them you need to follow just 5 important steps. Firstly, select the product you are about to purchase, add it to your basket, register with them, select the delivery mode and payment mode. However, dispatch of goods is completely based on the availability of stock. Shopping at Pixmania Ireland is all that easy. Pixmania Ireland not only allows you to order for products from them but also helps you to dispose off your old electronic product for free. Visit their website now to know more about them and earn discounts and offers. Cheers!