They concentrate not only on their business but also on the environment. They try and reduce carbon footprint in their office. Most of their employees walk, cycle or use public transport to travel home or to office. They also recycle used items in their company. They work in partnership with several firms in the UK and hence make sure to keep prices as low as possible. Pine Solutions was recognised as the fastest growing companies by The Sunday Times Fast Track 100.


Highlights of Pine Solutions


  • offer 7 day money back guarantee
  • delivery of products within a maximum of 6 days
  • provide free standard delivery


Anyone placing an order with their online site is advised to read through their terms and conditions to know better about this company. Once an order is placed, you will be contacted through email within 24 hours. Payment can be made with credit or debit card. Cancellation of orders can be made either in writing or through email. Again, there are lots of terms and conditions to follow. Hence, any cancellation or return of the product must be done according to the conditions furnished by the company. Get benefited with their clearance sales and discounts and save money whenever you need to. Cheers!