PhD Fitness

Right on the front page of the site you have the main menu bar on top to help you make the right choices. On the main menu are categories like – Gym Equipment, Boxing, Vibration Plates, Cardio, Weights and Supplements. Besides the 'search box', there's also a search facility to help you specifically search for or explore some item or equipment. You can thus select by 'brand', or 'equipment' or 'supplements'. Just scroll over to the right word to get what you are looking for.


When you look under 'Accessories' you get options like Ankle/Wrist Weights, Belts, Gym Gloves, Hand Grips, Lifting Straps, Resistance Tubes, Iron wear, Packages and Fitness Miscellaneous. On the front page you also get 'Deal of the Week' and 'PhD Picks', which highlights some special offer or deal. The page also features 'Top Selling Product', which may help you decide faster. You also get 'Live Support Online' which is live chat to help you get answers to questions. Another example is when you click on Supplements you get a list that includes Amino Acids, Creatine, Glutamine, Protein, Hormone Support, Energy, Female Only and many other divisions. Under each division you get various choices again.


When you shop here you are sure to save on Supplement and Gym Equipment besides many other latest products on offer at the cheapest of prices. Add what you want to your shopping basket and purchase quickly and securely online. You can also order through the phone number provided on the fitness superstore. PhD Fitness will be able to help you in every stage of development and progress of your fitness or training regimen. Get logged in to the site for more information and finally shipping of your stuff.