Paul has around 29 shops in its chain in the UK, starting with its flagship Covent Garden Shop & Restaurant in 2000. What started more than a hundred years ago in a small town called Croix in Southern France, as a small bakery, has grown into a reputed multinational chain of shops. Their website too is a pleasant experience, with all details about the company and their range of food products available, open to any visitor keen on knowing Paul.


Handed down through the family from the nineteenth century, the recipes of Paul maintain the traditional labour intensive methods of bread-making. The mass production method is deliberately avoided and the best quality ingredients are used. The Camp Remy white flour used is milled at select places, taken from over 300 French farmers who grow this wheat exclusively for them.


On the website the menu bar contains categories like 'What's New', 'Paul Story, 'Paul Spirit', 'Paul Food', 'Find a Paul', 'Talk to Paul', 'Loyalty Card', 'Deliveries' and others. All of which will tell you lots about the company. its recipes and products. You can even find the nearest Paul shop from the lsit on web-page under 'Find a Paul'. 'What's New' will tell you about what the restaurant and bakery has to offer currently. You can use a Prepaid Card or Paul Loyalty Card or give a Gift Card to gain or benefit from the offers. Under 'Deliveries', you'll learn how orders for your personal breakfast, or lunch, or event, or for your business, is delivered by hand -built 'triporteurs'- electric tricycles, after an order is placed online on the site. You can download the order form, fill it and fax it too. You can give a feedback at 'Talk to Paul'. 'Paul Story' will tell you about the company's history and their tradition of baking. Under 'Paul Spirit' you can learn French and their manners, learn what the Press say and the French Art de Vivre. Under the category 'Paul Food', you can learn all about what Paul has to offer under Breads, Viennoiserie, Cakes & Special occasions, Salads, Sandwiches, Hot drinks, Cafe Menu, Hot Products and Recipe Suggestions. Visit Paul and benefit in the French style.