Pai Skincare

Efforts,vision and determination of Sarah Brown to create organic and chemical-free skin care products have resulted in the establishment of Pai Skincare. Founded in 2007, Pai Skincare has helped many customers to fight against skin problems like allergies and acnes in a safe and organic way.The certified organic skin care range is free from parabens, irritating chemicals and alcohol. All these products work well for sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Careful selection of ingredients and skin soothing properties make each product special.What’s impressive is the description of each ingredient in English on the bottle label.With an individual in-house R&D lab and manufacturing facility,they guarantee safety of each product.

Skin products
The range of moisturizers nourishes your skin leaving it supple and soft. Moisturizers for each skin types are created by them to suit your individual requirements. Absence of Skin irritants like Propylene Glycol,Phenoxyethanol and Formaldehyde makes these products very appealing.Natural-active ingredients ensure skin-balancing and rejuvenation. Range of hand and body products are created to be used on sensitive and all skin types.Cleanse & Tone products are also available with them.

Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser and Anti-Ageing Echium Eye Cream come under eye care categories. The lip balm allows softens and protects dry and chapped lips.Pai Skincare offers complete solution to skin conditions like Adult Acne, Contact Dermatitis,Eczema,Mature / Ageing Skin,Urticaria and Rosacea. It provides solution to all types of skins, including Sensitive & Hypersensitive Skin, Combination & Oily Skin, Dry Skin and Normal Skin.

At Pai skincare,you can clear all your doubts regarding skin issues and concerns. Expert advices on skincare are offered to its customers.