PADI has more than 40 years of experience, with over 135,000 professional divers under it. It has dive shops and resorts worldwide, numbering to more than 6,000. The PADI service and training materials help you to the scuba dividing experience, to transform your life with this education, through to better experience, equipment and environmental conservation.


Go through the website to find the Scuba Diving Guide, PADI Courses, Scuba gear, Scuba vacation, the Scuba Community and Certification cards. Choose from a multitude of courses, from learning scuba diving, to improving skills or becoming a scuba instructor. You can view all PADI courses details online, on the site. There's even online courses with the PADI eLearing. There are various classifications and levels of learning available. Presented on the web-page is a flow chart to view details about any PADI course, at various levels and specialities, one only needs to click on it.


The site also gives other details like Special Offers, News/Events, PADI Partners, Open a Dive Shop, consumer alerts, etc. You also get to know the Dive Shop Locator, PADI Blog, PADI Diving Society, Dive Insurance and to sign-up for their Newsletter, besides many other interesting info. You can even opt to turn pro by picking up the right course here. For instance you can become a Digital Underwater Photographer or an Open Water Scuba Instructor. Whatever your plans for underwater, PADI will help you dive into it with its wide expertise and organisation backing.