Optical Express

Optical Express is known as one of the leading eye care specialists in UK, with centres located across the country. The professional staff and trained opticians carry out thousands of tests every week on patients at their centres. With the help of their website you can locate the nearest store or clinic. On the main menu you can find 'Laser Eye Surgery', 'Intra-ocular Lenses', 'Glasses', 'Contact Lenses', 'Sunglasses' and 'Eye Test & Care'. Each of these categories can be explored to give you more information and details. You can book consultation online too. Laser Eye Surgery has become an option to contact lenses or glasses, benefiting millions of people. Optical Express has trained specialists for LASIK and LASEK treatments. Intra-ocular Lenses also provide a safe solution other than contact lenses or glasses, or if not suitable for laser-based treatments.

Optical Express is also one of the largest retailers of glasses and contact lenses, with a nation-wide network of stores. They offer an amazing range of designer frames and sunglasses. They also provide a great variety of contact lenses for different requirements of customers. At Optical Express professional and experienced optometrists are on hand with the latest and advanced technology to provide comprehensive eye tests. With corneal experts also available, patients receive the best of advice, care and treatments. You can book you eye-test online conveniently. Just find the nearest store using their website. Optical Express also offers discounts on selected frames. It also offers Corporate Savings. Besides this you can read on 'NHS Entitlement', 'Your Prescription Explained', 'Tips for Healthy Eyes', 'Sports Vision', 'Age and Eyesight', 'Corporate Eyecare' and 'Home Eyecare'. There's also Questions & Answers to help you out.