i-to-i TEFL

They started offering Weekend TEFL courses with two day intensive course. They not only offered TEFL training but also understood that people needed to get better jobs upon availing TEFL certificate from them. So, they created TEFL Jobs Abroad from where people could apply for jobs of their choice at absolutely free of cost.


i-to-i TEFL have their own terms and conditions that requires every tutee to follow when he/ she joins for a course. A tutee will be failed if he is found to be unfit for the TEFL course. All tutees are required to complete the course within 3 months and are also allowed to extend the course by 1 to 3 months on the payment of an administrative fee. Failed tutees are not eligible to get refund of the paid fee. But, full refund will be made within 7 days of booking in case you find the course unsatisfactory.


Courses that are taken up can be transferred if you are unable to continue further but on the payment of a small administrative fee. They are well known for their service and training offered. Interested persons are advised to read their terms and conditions to know well about the company.