On the Beach

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The website allows the customer to choose the holiday to the preferred location, with the flight as a package or each separately. The customer has the option to manage the booking online at its website. They also offer information on the airport- hotel transportation at the website. You just need to enter the order number as well as the surname of the lead passenger online to get the booking details. You can choose the airport you arrive at to the destination hotel and the date of travel to get the quotes for the same. Other attraction for the customer is the interactive map put up at the online travel agency in the On the Beach website.

This user friendly and colourful website as well permits the customers to read through the numerous honest reviews about the destination, hotel or beach put up online, to give them better knowledge of the place they wish to travel to. You can also write in the reviews, if you prefer to. This vibrant online travel agency with photographs, discounts and offers put up, helps draw in more customers.