O2 being an award winning network trades on eco-rated phones and recycles old phones or other gadgets online. Thus you can make some money as well. Persons interested to get products from O2 are advised to visit their website to look for latest offers and deals. You can also get great deals on broadband contracts and mobile phones. Delivery of orders is made based on terms and conditions of this company. You can choose mobile phones from Pay monthly phones and Pay & Go phones from their website. You can also choose between different contract periods such as 12 months, 18 months and 24 months when you go for Pay Monthly tariffs.


With O2 you can enjoy unlimited downloads, superfast home broadband on their top broadband packages and also their free award winning customer service that is available 24/7. You can enjoy unlimited package on adding home phone and choosing a relevant package. It is also easy to switch to O2 broadband. However, you are required to follow their terms and conditions given in their website. On signing up with their money back guarantee, you are entitled to get your money back if you happen to change your mind at any point of time. With O2, you can make use your phone in more than 200 countries on more than 400 networks to make and receive calls, send text messages and for data usage. Cheers!