Nuffield Health

As a health charity since 1957, Nuffield is independent of government and have no shareholders. Hence they can reinvest any profit made for the benefit of customers. They can combine the best principles of charity, social values and business. Care is at the heart of their business; being warm and empathetic, focusing on individual needs makes the real difference to their service.

On the Nuffield Health website you can, as a customer, quickly find what you are looking for. First you can select a consultant, or a speciality, or a hospital location . You can also choose a treatment, or hospital, or gym on the site. Not only does the service provide medical, wellbeing and fitness facilities to private hospital patients, employers, NHS and consumers, but aims to prevent people getting ill, by helping with a healthier lifestyle. On the site you can choose from any of their centres and search them by postcode and proximity.

The major classifications on the website are shown as Hospitals, Fitness & Wellbeing Gyms, Corporate Wellbeing, GP & Healthcare Professional and About Us. Under each category there are sections. Under Hospitals category you get 'Experts', 'Tests & Scan', 'Treatments', 'Locations', 'Ways to Pay', 'Open Events' and 'Patient Information'. Under each section there are more divisions. For example under 'Treatments' you have - Weight loss surgery, Fertility, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Orthopaedics, Eye surgery, Cancer care, Cardiac care, Physiotherapy and many more. The Fitness & Wellbeing gyms not only provide great facilities but have reward programmes to motivate, like a Free 12 point health MOT.

On the website you can refer a patient by filling in an online form with relevant details. In fact the website and the online content is very expansive and detailed, helping any visitor with all relevant information available. On the webpage menu is Conact Us which can help any consumer send in a question or comment online, to the management of this largest not for profit organisation. Nuffield Health believes the future of healthcare is in preventative health.