Going through the National Service Network website you will find it easy to find what you want. The major categories on the menu are 'Servicing', 'MOT', 'How It Works', 'About Us' and 'Contact Us'. There's a facility to find prices for MOTs and services in a local area. It has three steps namely- Location, Make & Model and Products & Pricing. Under 'Car Service', you can learn all about Oil & Filter, Interim Service, Full Service and Major Service. Under 'MOT' you can book your MOT online with your details provided. The car will be collected, all work done and serviced and then returned. There's also a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section that you would find helpful to get answers and with more details from NSN. NSN always informs you before repair or service is made, with no hidden costs. You can contact the company further by completing the form online or calling up 0844 277 1262. Further at the bottom menu, you can read on 'Terms & Conditions', 'Car News', 'Privacy Policy' and others. NSN online could be really helpful.