Money 4 Ur Mobile

On the Money4urMobile website if you click on 'How it works' on the main menu, you'll get to know that the whole process works in five simple steps, such as: 1-Find your gadget; 2-Place your order; 3-Get everything ready; 4-Send it to us; 5-Get Paid. There's also an 'FAQ' section to help any visitor to the website with more information and clarification. For example, for a question like if yor gadget is not on the list then what should you do? For this question you'll get the answer as - if your gadget is not on the list they will not be able to recycle it. You can use the online services to recycle iPods, SatNav and Ink Cartridges too. The site also assures you by providing 'Same Day Payment, 'Free Postage' and '100% Satisfaction Guarantee'. You can also read their 'Terms and Conditions, 'Privacy Policy' and 'Contact Us' to get more details and understanding of the purpose and working of this useful site.