Mills and Boon

Mills and Boon grew slowly by recruiting new writers and also by retaining the same ones. Some of the famous titles like ‘The Mountain Of God’ and The Veil: A Romance Of Tunisia sold more than 7,000 copies. They even started standardising the production and packaging of the imprint of the book. Soon hundreds of writers were writing books for Mills and Boon and hence women were able to earn quite a lot of money by writing for them. Even now they remain at the top position selling romance fiction to its readers. Currently they deal with various categories such as Modern, Blaze, Modern Extra, Romance, Historical, Medical, Desire 2-in-1, Special Edition, Intrigue and Super romance. They are still developing new ideas to boost interest in its readers.


 You can win Mills and Boon prizes by participating in their monthly questionnaire. For this you are required to enter the username and password and enter your comments in the space given. Orders placed will be shipped the next working day but fully depending upon the time the order was placed. You may visit their website to know about their shipping charges. Also, check out for offers given by Mills and Boon from their website. Cheers!