Millie's Cookies

The website of Millie's Cookies is a colourful one, with pleasing visuals of the delicious treats they offer. On the menu main you will find – 'A Bit About Us', which briefly explains the story of the company. Next in 'Delicious Delights' you will find the various cookies and products lined up and also about the 'ingredients' that go into each kind of cookie or eatable offered. In 'Store Locator' you can find  both a Google-powered map facility and a store 'search' facility. You can choose the nearest store from an exhaustive list available on the site. Otherwise you can enter your postcode, or town, or the street, to locate the nearest store. Under 'Cookie Club' you are welcome to sign-in and join the Cookie Club of Millie's Cookies. You get to know of  all the latest freebies, vouchers and exciting competitions or TV Shows or games. It's the 'Delicious Delights' category that will give you a treat. Find here more about the delectable variety of their cookies or goodies, such as the Milk Choc, White Choc, Brownie, Cookie Pops, Choc & Toffee and many others. For example when you pick on 'Milk Choc', you'll find in 'Ingredients', all about the product and Nutritional Info too. The website also provides other general information related to and normally furnished online. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.