Microsoft Store UK

The website is neatly laid out to display and highlight the software and products that are currently available with Microsoft. The main menu highlights Surface, Office, Windows, Windows N, Xbox360, Software, Accessories. There's also a section for Students and Developers. The front-page also highlights- 'Top Categories' and 'Customer Favourites'. Under 'Top categories' you have 'Shop Office 2010', 'Shop Windows', 'Shop Software Solutions', 'Shop Developer Software'.


Surface is Microsoft's latest in a series of tablets that they have designed and are marketing . It comes with a Windows RT and Windows-8 Pro versions. Microsoft also offers keyboard covers, a Touch Cover and a Type Cover. It also has an integrated kick-stand which props it up hands-free, to work on. The Surface is also connected to the cloud with SkyDrive. The website also highlights the prices and enables a customer to purchase online. 'Office' features Microsoft's office suite of desktop applications and services, compatible to the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Under the 'Software category all of Microsoft's software products are featured including Developer Tools and Business Software. Under Accessories a host of products are featured, like, Xbox360- 320GB Media Hard Drive, Xbox360 Chatpad, Kinect for Xbox360, Wireless Mouse 1000 and many more. A series of Visual Studio software products are also available for developers through the website.