Marwell Wildlife

A visit to Marwell Wildlife is a great experience and a chance to get near to the wonderful natural world. Your visit will make a big contribution towards the preservation of habitats and conservation of species, both here as well as around the world. This is because Marwell Wildlife gets into partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organisations, both in the UK and globally. Marwell understands the crucial role of local communities to find and adapt sustainable ways of living along with wildlife.


The website has three categories such as 'Marwell', 'Education' and 'Conservation'. Under 'Marwell', you get sections named 'Planning Your Day', 'Park Guide', 'Interactive Zone', 'Behind the Scenes', 'Functions' and 'Support Us'. Under the 'Conservation' section you can learn about the conservation activities undertaken, that includes restoration of endangered wildlife ecosystems. It also includes managing of a population of endangered species and also individuals. You can also read here on 'Research', 'Publications' and 'News Archives'. Marwell Wildlife is proud of its Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge. You can also support the organisation by donating generally or specifically to a Marwell Wildlife Project. Marwell Wildlife is dedicated to conservation of wildlife and other natural resources and works to encourage understanding and care for the natural world.