Marie Claire

The MARIE CLAIRE magazine shows a canvas of modern lifestyle, fashion, current happenings, trends, entertainment and much more to be read. The online magazine has lots of interesting categories, such as News, Fashion, Lifestyle, Celebrity, Hair & Beauty, Health, Travel and Competitions & Offers. What's interesting is that under each category there are further divisions. Like for instance, under the News category you get World News, Celebrity News, Fashion News, Beauty News, Health News, Travel News, Issues and Campaigns. The website is full of interesting read on a variety of topics and trending subjects. Women visitors will find a lot of interesting material here on lifestyle women's interests and many others.


This online magazine not only gives interesting read, it is a great place to shop for latest stuff and trending products too. For instance, open the page to the 'Fashion' category and you have divisions like Fashion News, Shop, Buy of the Day, 10 Best, Directory, Fashion Pictures and Fashion Videos. If you explore and click on 'Buy of the Day', you'll find featured a fashionable clothing item or accessory, which you can also buy online by clicking on the link provided. If you enjoy travelling, you have interesting articles and tips here. You can read the bog or subscribe to the newsletter or even the monthly magazine. or just browse through. The Marie Claire website with all its features is one that really can keep you engaged as it will have something for everyone to read or even buy online. Make the most of it.