The Lufthansa website is a very useful site and with facility to book online your flights to many destinations all over the world. The main menu has categories like 'Plan & Book', 'Offers & Ideas', 'Information & Service' and 'Miles & More'. If you go into 'Plan & Book', you will get a large number of options and choices to help you in your travel and business plans. You can check on 'Book Flights', 'Hotel', 'Online Rebooking' to make your bookings. Then get all relevant information and help on 'Flight Status', 'Trip Finder', 'Route Network' and 'Timetable'. Under 'Offers & Ideas' you can click on 'Trip Finder', 'Flight Offers', 'Travel Tips' and 'Newsletter'. The category of 'Miles & More' is all about how you can benefit from Lufthansa's global frequent flyer programme, to earn valuable 'Miles'.The offers also get highlighted on the front-page. There's a search box for Flight Search, Flight Status and Timetable on the site. The bottom of the web-page there are more categories like 'Aviation Group', 'Terms & Conditions', 'Passenger Rights', 'For Travel Agents, 'For Corporate Customers' and others to help with more information and details. You can also stay connected trough 'Facebook' to Lufthansa.