Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet offers books on almost every aspect related to travel. Each book is written by authors who have themselves traveled and experienced every detail mentioned in the books. So whatever you get at Lonely Planet is authentic, first-hand information, which is accurate, up-to-date with unbiased opinions and views as well. They have a wide range of books that cover travels to many places across the world, traveling tips, guides, maps, images and loads of other information.

Lonely Planet was started by Tony Wheeler and Maureen Wheeler at their kitchen table in 1972. They had met at a park bench in Regent's Park, London, in 1970. Cupid's arrow soon struck and wedding bells rang a year later. The young adventurous couple, traveled across Europe, Asia and Australia in their car in 1972 with just a few dollars in their pockets. They were left quite penniless at the end of the journey, but had a whole world of information to share. At their kitchen table, the couple put down all their experiences on paper and published Lonely Planet's first book - Across Asia On The Cheap. The book sold 1500 copies in the first week itself! You can find cheap travel packages and deals across the world.

Both Maureen and Tony dedicated their lives to travel, making it a career. The book store was taken over by BBC Worldwide in the year 2007.

Lonely Planet is currently out with a monthly magazine which helps people with their travel, giving information about different places they could visit in the UK, whatever be their budget. TV channels like National Geographic, Eurosport and Discovery, feature travel programmes from Lonely Planet as well.

The founders of Lonely Planet emphasize on traveling responsibly and hope to reach out to people with ideas on making their travels more fruitful and interesting.