Who Remembers Me

Who-Remembers-Me.com was founded in 2003 by Rob Billington. His aim was to provide a complete worldwide web service for finding and reconnecting with long lost friends. Using this site you can discover all about your old friends and acquaintances like their whereabouts, job profile etc. it provides free registration is over 185 countries. You can either search by a person's name or choose from the various search categories provided.

To locate your past pals all you need to do is register with Who Remembers Me.com. Once you register, you can login to the site and start searching for friends. Then you can add your attendances, which are the names of the colleges, schools , clubs, your neighbourhood details, workplace details etc. There are around 18 different attendance categories out here. As soon as another member adds an attendance that matches any one of your attendances, an email will be sent across to you almost instantly providing you with a link to the other person's profile. Also you need to keep your profile updated so that your friends can locate you.

This free website is an easy way to get in touch with lost friends and continue on of the most cherished and valued relationships; your friendships.