Localphone is a world popular company providing VoIP services to customers based on the terms and conditions laid down by them. All customers are requested to read through the terms and conditions thoroughly before taking up any plan.


You get an opportunity to earn through your friend as well. If your friend joins Localphone and tops-ups, then you can earn free credit. With their iPhone and Android app you can make calls and also text on the move at their low international rates. New customers can download the app, log-in to text or to make a call and then enjoy free calls for a few minutes.


Their services include international calls where you can perform mobile or landline calls, computer calls and VoIP. Other services include incoming numbers and Global SMS. With the Global SMS service, you can send SMS to any country based on the rate fixed for each country. There will be no monthly fees or contracts but you are required to pay for the texts you send. Another facility called the low incoming number rates allows your friends to make calls with the local number. But the calls will be charged based on the international call charge at their lowest call charge rate. Thus with their service you can make cheap calls through landline, mobile or computer. There will be no connection charges, monthly fees or service charges.