Lloydspharmacy is one of the largest community pharmacies in UK. The pharmacy has a website for its online store and services besides over 1,650 pharmacies spread over the country, employing around 17,000 staff. Lloydspharmacy endeavours to provide high quality healthcare products and aims at improving community health. The pharmacy is a key partner of the NHS and works closely with local health providers and take commissioned services within communities. It has GP practice pharmacies located near to 440 doctors' consultancy clinics.


On the website you can find various categories like Prescription and Online Doc, Medicine & Treatments, Mother & Baby, Health & Well Being, Skincare & Toiletries, Beauty & Fragrance, Mobility & Daily Living and Offers. Under each category there are again various divisions. The site also hosts sections like Services for Women, Service for Men, Travel Clinic, Sexual Health and Other Services. Under each category there are a wide range of services and products which can be viewed and read on the site.


Lloydspharmacy is a leading online healthcare provider that you can trust. The online Clinics and services are extensively used by customers from all walks of life. Over 250,000 patients use online services to get prescription only medicine and for postal testing kits. You can also use the store-locator facility on the website to find their nearest pharmacy to you. You can also locate it with the help of Sat Nav services. Lloydspharnacy also offers private consultation areas in most of their pharmacies (as 97% of them do). Health Village is the concept promoted by Lloydspharmacy to bring a wide range of specialists under one roof, to give you the personalised healthcare you need. All your purchases are through a secure system, so make the most of the offers and save. For complaints you can contact their Customer Service Retail Team.