Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance

Ever since they have been in the industry several services such as Friendly Societies were formed for the working class people to utilise it for emergency purposes. Penny policies associated with Friendly Societies help you to insure yours or your child’s life for one penny a week. Then the society would pay for policy holder’s funeral. Such societies are also called as collecting societies who send their agents to collect policy premiums from door to door.


Various insurance policies available with them are car, home, pet and travel. New customers can pay less and get Home Insurance from them. They also provide 24hour breakdown assistance and life cover products. With life covers you can choose to protect yourself, your family or your mortgage. Savings and Investments plans include Flexible Saving Plan, Flexible Guarantee Bond, Fund and Unit Prices and with Profits Fund. They also provide financial advice on Life Insurance, Investment, Pension and Quick Financial Check Up service. With Quick Financial Check Up service you can get advice on how you can make the most use of money etc. There is also number of retirement plans available with them.


Interested persons may visit their site and look for the type of insurance or investment options they require. Cheers!