Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus

Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus plan is a very beneficial insurance product for those aged above of 50 years. Read all relevant information on the website as it is elaborated there. View the table and get a Quote online. Once you are convinced you can buy. 9 out of 10 of our customers, if refereed to, would recommend LV= Over 50s Insurance plan. Claims are paid for sure after the first year.

A customer gets lots of additional benefits. You can get an additional 10% if you opt for Funeral Benefit. Ther is guaranteed acceptance of your application, if you are resident in UK and aged between 50 & 80 years. You can choose a free gift when you apply online . You get full cover after first year. Even the claims process is easy. If you have doubts, all yu do is go to the FAQs section of the 50 Plus plan and you'll be able to find answers from either the Top Five 50 Plus plan questions or in search on the Interactive FAQs. Get a Quote by applying for it online and compare it with other Life cover products. Then you can decide on the strength of facts. Liverpool Victoria treat their customers like family, as it is a friendly society. The process is so simple and you can get covered in 10 minutes.