LA Muscle

The LA Muscle website is also a online store that helps you purchase the kind of supplement you are searching for. You can search for your supplements by Goal, or Sport, or Product, as it would be more relevant and effective. You can also shop by category, which include 'Protein', 'Fat loss', 'Muscle Building', 'Weight Gain & Creatine', 'Women', 'Cosmetics', 'Accessories', 'DVDs', 'Special Offers' and 'Free Gifts'. You can also register and sign-in to LA Muscle for benefits. Subscribe to their newsletter for great offers, news advice and tips. You can also register and join LA Muscle Customer Club and get immediate access to thousands of articles, guides, photos, videos, training and diet tips.

If you prefer to shop by products, you can get an all products list, from where you can start choosing. The front-page of the website displays important offers and savings. There's also a 'search' facility to help you. 'LA Muscle Best Sellers' will display their premium products and prices. All you have to do is add to the shopping basket. if you wish to buy any of them. At the bottom of the page, you can get 'Information', 'Customer Service' and 'LA Rewards'. Under 'Information' you get to know about the company, delivery policy and Guarantee. Learn about LA Rewards and LA Rewards Store too on the website. You can also follow LA Muscle on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and The Active Channel. You also get free delivery for your orders.