Just Sheepskin

The Just Sheepskin website is also an online store, where you can securely shop for their products. The main menu displays the categories- 'Ladies', 'Mens', 'Children', 'Babies' and 'Cleaning'. The front-page of the site displays large visuals depicting their footwear. The website is full of details and information. Under the topic 'Help' you can read on 'Delivery Information', 'Returns & Exchanges', 'Size Guide', 'Counterfeiting' and 'Cleaning & Care'. Click on a category, like 'Mens Sheepskin Boots', and you get a page with the footwear displayed, along with the price and discounted price, plus a write-up on the products. If you order, free delivery is provided in UK. Delivery outside UK is chargeable. The company has a favourable 'Returns Policy' and conditions for exchanging the products are given. The 'Size Guide' will be pretty useful for anyone buying Just Sheepskin footwear for Adults, Children or Babies. Under 'Cleaning & Care' you get details of how to clean them by hand, or get to order you cleaning at 'Johnsons the Cleaners' at a discounted rate. The site also has tips and advice regarding spurious sites and ways Just Sheepskin is being counterfeited. The site also gives you details of retailers / stockists who can genuinely help you buy your favourite Just Sheepskin footwear. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Sign-up if you like to receive the latest newsletter with updates. There's 'Customer Services' anyway, to help you out by phone or email. Press and publications also feature Just Sheepskin from time to time. There's also a search facility to help you on the website.