InterRose is an online florist with a reputation and an obsession for making the most beautiful floral gifts. Working from their spacious shop in Lowestoft, UK, the florist brings out the best of service, quality and variety of fresh flowers that are flown in from all over the world, to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

There is no better way to express your feelings than with flowers. A beautiful arrangement of flowers can move the hardest heart. This is what specializes in. It knows the exact flowers, the size, the colour and the package that makes an indelible impression. There is a wide range of the freshest long-stemmed flowers to choose from, from the most exquisite large headed 80 cm Columbian roses to tulips to carnations and lilies, freesias and sunflowers to name a few, that are carefully hand-picked from the UK growers or from the Dutch Flower Auctions and flown in 7 days a week, in chilled conditions.

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, InterRose has a great many innovative, romantic budding surprises that are sure to melt hearts. Offered as a bulk, a bouquet, a single rose or an arrangement of 12, they will sweep your mate off her feet. There are the classic red roses, the exotic black Baccara roses, the regal blue roses, the sweet pink ones, the majestic white ones, the delicate peach roses, the gaily yellow roses, the Valentine’s favourite Grand Prix roses or the multi-coloured happy roses to choose from. There are also priceless USA imported real, preserved roses dipped in gold, silver or platinum and coloured roses with a gold, silver or platinum trim that are delivered in luxury presentation boxes to immortalize your love. A gift pack can be customized with added gifts such as Teddy Bears, chocolates, fresh rose petals, freeze dried rose petals, designer vases, ‘I love you’ balloons and the like to make it more endearing. The florist also boasts unrivalled skill in beautifying ‘Do it yourself’ arrangements with flowers selected by you and set the way you want it. All the packages are made available at reasonable prices. It also undertakes orders to send free, virtual roses by e-mail.

The web-site blooms with other interesting features like separate tips for men and women to light up the fire of passion on Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day facts, the significance of the colour of each rose, historical stories of roses, valuable tips for recipients on increasing the longevity of the roses, a Valentine’s Day competition with exciting prizes and so on.

Ordering a presentation is easy. You only have to select the Order Today option and fill the form that follows. InterRose accepts all major credit and debit cards and PayPal. It guarantees protection of your details against sale to third parties and privacy in conformance with the Data Protection Act. Security Metrics helps protect the payment card details.

InterRose offers free next-day delivery within the UK by the Royal Mail or other reliable services that can be tracked on-line. Packing of the parcel is done with great gentleness and care for each flower. Each delivery has a sachet of flower food, care instructions and your personal, hand-written message along with the flowers, all packed to romantic perfection and delivered with élan.

Time is of the essence and an order placed in advance helps them serve you better.

Be it an assortment of stunning non-Valentine flower presentations or enchanting Valentine’s Day gifts that you desire, InterRose creates it all with unmatched passion and dedication, ensuring it is unique and captivating enough to seal a relationship forever or reassure if already in a stable one.