Interflora is a flower delivery network with the distinction of being the world’s favourite, with an all pervading presence. Ever since its inception nearly a century ago, it has grown to become the largest and the oldest network of seasoned florists in the world. To its credit, the shop, the head-office of which is located in Sleaford, Lincolnshire has award-winning florists working for it, lending its floral presentations a touch of sophistication and making them a class apart.

Doing something and doing something with flair are two different things altogether, with different outcomes. You can express simply with flowers or stylishly with flowers. It is the latter that Interflora believes in and excels in doing. It leaves its stamp on its creations, making them in a league of their own and cherished in memories forever.

Interflora uses the freshest and the choicest of roses, tulips, carnations, sunflowers, freesias, gerberas, orchids, lilies, peonies and many others, each carefully hand-picked, to produce the most supreme floral arrangements. There are tastefully packed, beautiful, customized arrangements for romance, weddings, anniversaries, achievements, funerals, child-births, thanking, business and any occasion you name.

With Valentine’s Day on our threshold, Interflora has classy flower arrangements to help enhance not only your romance but your image as a connoisseur of perfection. Gift wrapped, gently hand-tied or arranged in a vase, basket or cute, personalized heart-shaped boxes or exotic bags, there are varied combinations of different-coloured long-stemmed roses of different types in different numbers complemented by intricately set foliage, with or without accompanied gifts like exquisite wine bottles, champagne, chocolates, personalized heart-shaped biscuits, balloons or cup-cakes, bejewelled cards and embellishments like diamante heart pins and gold wire heart pendants. Many of the flowers are from Fair-trade farms. Adding a Midas touch are the splendid creations of award-winning rose-breeder, David Austen who designs solely for Interflora. If you want a gift that holds the promise of steadfast love, Interflora has a unique presentation of plants that will be a constant reassurance of your love. Romantic accessories like bows, brooches and soft organza add to the charm of the Interflora presentations. All the floral Valentine’s bouquets are packed in fascinating wrappers with an embroidered lace look and tied daintily with crimson ribbon.

With its ubiquitous presence, Interflora undertakes orders for delivering flowers to a large number of countries. The floral packages for different countries differ from the ones shown on the home page of the online catalogue that are meant for delivery in the UK and pictures of those meant for some of the destinations are provided in the International Category for your perusal. All the orders, local and international, can be placed online or by making a call to the phone numbers mentioned in the website.

The florist accepts payments using credit and debit cards like PayPal, VISA, Maestro, VISA Electron, MasterCard, American Express and DELTA. It guarantees security of your payment cards details that are encrypted for storage by their software immediately, to prevent hacking. The details are gathered on a page whose security is certified by Verisign. To safeguard the personal details of its customers, the shop also adheres to its privacy policy, the details of which are provided in the web-site.

Interflora offers different delivery options. It has an immense network of over 1800 local florists who ensure a speedy florist delivery. It accepts orders for delivery on the same day, if placed before 3 pm, delivery within 3 hours if the order is placed between 8am and 2 pm, next day delivery if informed before midnight or for delivery any other day. The other options are postal delivery, courier delivery and international delivery. The incidence of losing a parcel does not arise as the web-site has online order-tracking facility. A stunningly packed, delivered package contains flower food and a flower care guide that help to preserve the flowers for the longest time possible and your personalized hand-written message.

Interflora is a cut above the rest for more reasons than one. It runs a prestigious Flower School with talented teachers with world-class experience who teach the art of flower arrangement. Detailed information about it is available online. The company also offers career and membership opportunities among others. It has a special mobile site that can be accessed easily from your mobile phone.

Interflora proves its superiority in every aspect of its business, be it in its popularity, customer-friendliness, efficiency, promptness, or its distinguished craftsmanship that not only ensures the recipient’s joy but also wins you adoration for your excellent taste.