Henrys Cafe Bar

If you are looking for a cosy bar with great style, ambience and extensive variety of drinks, Henry's Café Bar is the perfect pick. It is the best place to hang around with friends and family. Whether it’s enjoying a delectable meal or spending long evenings with cocktails and wine, this place offers unparalleled service and great choice. Henry’s bar is spread across the country, so finding a close by location becomes easy. Their website, henryscafebar.co.uk is specially designed so that you can get information about the bar, book a table and browse across the menu easily. What’s more, you can easily locate a bar close by you. Henry's Café Bar is located at Cardiff, Leeds, Covent Garden, Piccadilly, and West India Quay and in other major cities.

Each of the Henry's Café Bar location covers a range of menu and drinks that will cater to the individual needs of the customers. The menu consists of wide-ranging menu covering all sorts of tantalizing snacks, cocktails, wines and a variety of cuisines. On clicking the menu of a specific location you will find their offerings. You can select from their food menu, drinks menu, 2 course menu, breakfast menu and sharer menu. The food description with pricing is also available so that you can decide what to eat beforehand. If they have any special offers you can view them as well. At the Gallery you can view the latest photos of the café and choose where to dine. By browsing across the albums you will be able to see the opulence and comfort offered by these bars. Some days, the bar hosts special offers and events.

This website makes your booking easily. Choose your location and book online. You can also book parties and events At Henry’s and make every celebration memorable. These bars are well designed with great style and warm atmosphere. You will have a wonderful time dining and partying at Henry’s. Reserving seats and booking at Henry’s is safe and simple. This is a place you will love to visit frequently.

They introduce new offers and special discounts on their menus. You can also redeem your vouchers at Hendry’s to get great savings. Every moment is memorable and enjoyable here. You can book a table at Blomfield St, Cardiff, Covent Garden, Leeds, Canary Wharf and Piccadilly. The website is secured and protected so that you can browse with complete peace of mind. With good graphics, descriptions and photos you will know more about the cafés.

By clicking on the Enquiry section of this website you can send your comments to them. Fill the form and just submit it. You can have access to their offers through mails and messages by mentioning it. Visit, henryscafebar.co.uk and know more about the café and its offerings.