H.Samuel Gold

H.Samuel-Gold has been able to create a niche in the jewellery industry with its excellent service and extensive collection of jewellery and watches. With over 140 years of experience in the industry they have been able to offer high-level of customer satisfaction. Apart from offering good quality jewellery, they also provide excellent care and repair services to ensure extended after sales support. Their gold buying service has helped customers exchange their gold for cash. Through them you get the best value for your gold jewellery. Security is another factor that sets this company apart from other gold buying companies. By offering a safe and secure method, customers can deal with the company with complete peace of mind. Competitive prices are offered, along with reassurance.

Dealing with a reputed company is definitely a sensible thought. The company has an extensive knowledge, years of experience and good resources. Quick payments help you get the money in no time. A Cheque is sent to you within days. Since, the service offered is simple and straightforward you need not worry about hidden costs or extra charges. Free postage is offered by the company. To ensure added safety and security, the received packages are videotaped. Customers are kept informed at every step and their valuables are handles securely.

The condition of the jewellery does not matter. Whether it is tangled, dirty or broken, the gold jewellery is accepted by the company. After the company values the gold jewellery, customers are offered a price and a Cheque is sent. They accept gold of 9 carat up to 22 carat, White gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Additionally, they buy Hallmarked and un-hallmarked gold and Gold purchased from abroad. You can exchange your valuables ranging from necklaces, bracelets, chains, pendants, lockets, crosses, crucifixes to non stone-set rings, earrings (singles or pairs), loose earring backs and body jewellery. They do not accept gold plated jewellery, platinum, silver, stone set jewellery (e.g. diamond rings), coins, bars, ingots and kruggerands, watches, new items or items that appear new (e.g. price tagged) and dental gold.

After the items are tested using special equipment, the customers are offered a price. Gold prices are updated everyday so that you can know the current gold prices. Prices per gram are offered for different carat of gold. If you have any doubts you can always clear it. At the FAQ section you will come across the most commonly asked questions. An expert will be always available on telephone to get your additional questions answered.

You can contact them via emails or through telephone. New customers can enter their details and log-in and existing customers can create a separate account. As per the Data Protection Act 1998, the company protects your personal data. The personal information of the customers are secured and well protected. Privacy practices, excellent customer support, competitive prices and secure payments make the hsamuelbuying.co.uk the best.