Green People

Today,the modern world realizes the harmful effects of chemicals and supports the need to go organic. Green People is one of the most reliable and revered organic body care products manufacturer that believes in the healing power of nature.

This British brand was conceptualized way back in 1994 when having an organic body care product was far from reality.When Charlotte Vohtz realized the allergies and the eczema that her 2 yr old daughter Sandra was suffering from was due to the chemical based soaps and other body care products it was shattering.The determined mother threw al the commonly available famous products out of the window, and took the path of nature to clear her daughter’s skin.

The creator of Green People Charlotte Vohtz who had a nursing background and a sound knowledge on herbal medicine and a good 11 yrs of experience in pharmaceutical industry,decided to offer the world the solution that helped her own daughter.  

Today Green People with a wide range of organic natural body care products is the most sought after brand.Devoid of chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS),Parabens,synthetic fragrances or colour agents,it is made of organic alternatives.Made from natural plant oils and endowed by natural fragrances, the brand is certified as ‘Organic’ by The Soil Association, Organic Food Federation and EcoCert.The products are not animal tested as these are specially made for humans and are skin friendly. With more than 90% active organic ingredients mixed with plant emulsifiers, and oils like almond or olive oil and other essential oils, Green People is natural and gentle in its action.

The lists of products under their belt are - ‘Organic Babies’ and ‘Organic Children’ for the delicate and sensitive skin of little ones, ‘Oy! Organic Young’ for the youth,range of skin care products for men,women,skin care products for the hypersensitive skin that is fragrance free ‘Organic Homme’, and ‘Organic Base’, ‘Organic Body Spa’ an anti-aging skin care product.

If you are looking for completely natural facial skin care, indulge in the ‘organic cleanser’, and ‘organic moisturizer’, ‘organic SPF moisturizers’, etc. Green People knows exactly how to pamper your skin.They have now introduced organic mineral make-up too that includes organic face powders, concealer, mascara, eye make up and lipsticks.Furthermore, you can also shop natural hair care products like ‘organic shampoo’,‘natural conditioners’, ‘organic shower gels’, and ‘organic liquid soaps’.The company also offers SPF-25 organic sunscreen lotion that is perfume free.Fragrance free skin care and bathing solutions are dedicated to those with hypersensitive skin and for those who suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis and allergies.

With a wide range of products today Green People have even natural toothpaste. They have also introduced dietary health range like seaweed capsules and herbal cleansing and detox formula.