Everyone is aware of the disastrous effects of Global Warming on the current environment. Many glaciers are now melting and if this trend continues, the next generation will not have any glacier or natural beauty to enjoy. Thus everyone needs to do their bit to a greener environment.

Greenpeace is an organisation that is aimed at defending the natural surroundings and to promote peace. It also aims to put a complete halt to environmental abuse. They work towards ending illegal and destructive deforestations as well as elevate global marine reserves so as to stop catastrophic climatic changes. 

The organisation requires funds to fuel their noble cause. You can lend them a helping hand by making donations. You can either give a one time gift payment or set-up a monthly direct debit payment from your bank account. Take an oath today to campaign and achieve a green and peaceful world. Thus join hands to do your bit for saving a section of the natural ambience for the future generations.