Golden Hinde

Many events such as Tudor Evenings, Children’s Maritime Workshops, series of Pirate Fun and Tudor Family Days are conducted to get back the feel of those good old days at the Golden Hinde. Apart from special events, stories of Tudor voyages and guided special tours of the ship are conducted for one and all. The ship can also be hired for various other events such as birthday parties, corporate and private events. Never miss the chance of getting the insight of Sir Francis Drake’s galleon, the Golden Hinde that successfully circumnavigated the globe.

During the period of those three years it could gather wealth worth £600,000. Queen Elizabeth I then declared the ship to be a maritime museum but soon had to be broken down for becoming disrepairable in 1600s. The only remains of the ship that can be witnessed now are a table called the ‘2 cupboard’ and a chair built of timber placed currently at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. Then two American businessmen, Art Blum and Albert Elledge decided to reconstruct the Golden Hinde and the reconstruction was carried out by the shipbuilding firm J Hinks & Son in Appledore. After two years of devoted work, reconstruction was successfully completed in 1973. Since then it has completed several voyages around the world. You can experience the life of Tudor on the reconstructed the Golden Hinde II.