Global Star Registry

The Star Kit from Mystar Global Star Registry is proof of the name given to the star chosen by you. It can be gifted for birthdays, weddings, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Father's Day or Mother's Day. A memorable gift indeed, that is unique and out-of-this-world. The Star-Kit also has a star chart with the location of your named star circled. In addition to this you get a piece of jewellery such as a pendant engraved with the star's coordinates and constellation. You also get a CD that gives access to the registry of Mystar. You get also 6 postcards with a astronomical information. The website allows you to order online and also opt for your products, such as, the Star-Kit, the Star-Kit – Orion, the Star-Kit Optional Zodiac, the Star-Kit - Twin Star. The Orion Kit has gold plated pendant, whereas the other kits have silver plated ones. You can choose to have it as a pendant or a key ring. There's a FAQ section to help you out in ordering the Star-Kit and provides you with a lots of answers and information to as many questions. There is also a blog that you can read on the site. Naming a star is done as a novelty gift and so no legal title is implied or conferred.