Currently, Getmapping produces oblique photography, vertical aerial photography and height data derived that is got from the aerial survey program. Getmapping also resells professional mapping products from other data sets and Ordnance Survey so that variety of business sectors can be serviced. Getmapping owns three cameras with which fly-to-order contracts and re-fly programs are carried out. This company also has additional cameras and aircrafts to be used during uncertain climatic conditions. These cameras are so powerful that it can take aerial photography with high resolution. Popular oblique images are captured using the rotating digital camera that is developed in association with the Bath Spa University. With so many advanced techniques available with them, Getmapping also offers bespoke mapping, building models and 3D landscapes. Apart from these services, Getmapping also offer data hosting solutions.


Most of the Getmapping products are used in local and central government that help to locate houses in the UK’s property portal and also to build and analyse the construction company’s property portfolios. Their high resolution imagery is used in Wrapping paper, Bespoke flooring, within computer games like flight SIMs, wall mountings or Large posters, Tourism, Context for books, Education and News and media. Want to know more about them? Then, visit their website now. Cheers!