Stay healthy and trim has become a known motto of the present days. It is because the new lifestyle has rendered us diseased and weak. Most of the people either face the problem of obesity or the problem of underweight. The importance of fitness programmes thus increased and you can find hundreds of them online. Fitbug is one among them.

Fitbug is an online personal and well-being coach, which helps obese people to reduce weight. Designed by nutritional professionals and fitness experts, this online health guide has few specialities when compared to the rest. It never strains you through hard diet controls or rigorous exercises. Instead, it simply understands your lifestyle through a clip-on pedometer called Bug and recommends a proper diet.

You begin with a membership at Fitbug. This membership at Fitbug can be achieved through a one year payment or through a pay as you go method. Once subscribed, you will receive a Fitbug device (called Bug), weekly analysis report and pages. Clip this bug to your waist or put it inside your pocket. This device will accurately calculate the steps you walked, calories burned and more. Before moving on to your bed, connect the Bug to your PC and transfer the details to the website. The experts at Fitbug will then analyse your daily activities and suggest you a weekly activity and nutritional programme. Your progress will be updated to you via e-mail and SMS.

The major asset with Fitbug is its motivation maintainability. Usually, people tend to stop the fitness programmes half the way. Fitbug's programme is successful to an extend to keep the user's stick to the activities through its regular follow ups and encouragements. The experts at Fitbug are always available to clarify doubts. There is a Fitbug member forum, where you can participate with other members of Fitbug and exchange your ideas and activities. When you hear the success stories of other members, your interest still increases.

The fitness programme of Fitbug is flexible. It accommodates the changes in your lifestyle and assign you a different custom goal each week. You can even adapt the plan during illness. A number of health tips are available on the website, which actually prove useful. The efficiency of the device too cannot be said to be bad. However, you cannot claim it to calculate the measures with cent percent accuracy. Also, there is no way to calculate the steps you walked if you leave the device at home. Nor you have any ways to enter those missing steps. So it is up to you to take the initiative of carrying the device with you.

Currently, the device is not compatible with MAC OSX operating system. But you can expect one soon. The fitness plans of Fitbug cannot be said to be the cheapest available online, but it worth for its price. Occasionally, there arise Fitbug promo code, Fitbug voucher or discount that can be used to avail discounts over the plan. Overall, Fitbug is a recommendable fitness programme except for those people who are not convinced that the weight can be reduced without a weight loss supplement.