Firebrand Training

Experience a different learning experience here as there is no time limitation for either the instructor or the students. Students are taught using real world experience and demonstrations and lecturers see to that classroom teaching is made interesting and compelling. They also have lab facility where you can practice what you have learnt. Labs are open 24 hours a day and hence students get ample time to keep themselves involved in the subject. You also get review time to interact with your instructor regarding the subject already discussed in the class. Instructor also makes sure that you attend the exam fully prepared.

In case you do not pass through the exams then you are allowed to take up their course for free once again. As they complete a course in a short period of time, students get ample career opportunities as and when they complete the course. They provide valuable customer service too. A representative from Firebrand Training will make a call to confirm about the available course dates. Hence, you will be asked not to make any travel arrangements until it is confirmed.