Find My Past,part of brightsolid online publishing ltd gives you a chance to unveil your ancestor’s identity and furtive family history.The unique ideal to pile up family records pounced into the minds of leading professional genealogists and heir hunters, in 1965.This venture was known as the Title Research. In 2001,Title Research began the creation and stacking of copy of the paper General Register Office birth,marriage and death records and in 2002 it designed to introduce newly digitized birth,marriage and death records online.

Their work with expert genealogists,family history societies and the Society of Genealogists led to the development of this project.Over the years,it got licenses to publish census of respective years which could benefit individuals and family historians.They stock extensive collection of family records and they continue to extend their projects.In 2011,From Society of Genealogists, they have been able to add 9 million new records.

Future projects include creation of family trees,recording photos and certificates and much more.Users can also store their family tree on their secure website.

This website has lots of family information and details that will leave the visitor spell bound.You can travel back in time and exciting and interesting family facts. If you are lucky enough,you can unveil mysterious family facts. For ease of handling, you can search by Search Births,Marriages and Deaths during the years 1538 to 2006.You can get details regarding your living relatives in the UK.Here,they search for relatives in electoral roll, telephone directory data (updated monthly),and historical directory information. This way you can also access censes of every ten years.

Migration and military are other useful sections introduced in this web-site. For any advice, you can click on help & advice option.With convenient payment modes, you can ay securely.The money you spend for priceless information is worthwhile. Findmypast is sure to help you with your family and ancestral quest and questions.