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On the main menu of this online shop, you'll find categories like 'All Shaving', 'All Grooming', 'Executive Shop' and 'Women's Beauty' to help you search for or simply select the best product you desire. You can also read on 'About Us', 'Blog', 'Delivery', 'FAQs' and 'Contact Us'. You can also sign-up for the 'free shaving guide', a comprehensive guide – Dr. Shave's Book of Shaving. Read on expert advice on a variety of shaving tools. Get tips and techniques and a bit of history on shaving . Advice of leading experts too are complied here.


Under the 'All Shaving' category, you get various divisions to browse through, such as, Just Arrived, Razors, Shaving Soaps, Shaving Mirrors, Aftershave Treatments and much more. Likewise under 'All Grooming' you can try going through Body Care, Skin Care, Manicure Sets, Beard and Moustache and many others. You can even search for a product or brand with the help of the “search box”. There's also a Shaving Expert, Brian Mulreany, whom you can ask questions related to shaving and skin-care. You can post your query through the site and get a reply on the blog, or in your email inbox. Under the FAQs section you can learn about Delivery, Cancellation, Exchange/Returns, Prices, etc. The blog too has interesting articles to read. So go ahead and browse the galleries to shop for top-quality razors, shaving brushes, head-shavers, creams, soaps or mirrors, which are just a few of the many other products offered online. The Executive Shaving website is designed for friendly use and easy ordering over a secured process. You can also contact on phone.