Travelling toParisandBrusselscame to be a different experience from November 1994. It was then Eurostar came in to existence. Now the number of travellers commuting fromLondontoParisandBrusselsis manifold.


Eurostar, keen to revolutionize and ease travel, has many connecting services linking hundreds of destinations all overEurope. The high speed European rail industry is undergoing tremendous change. Eurostar operates in a de-standardized open-entrée world. Rail operators are seeking ways to develop services with new directions and destinations all overEurope.


When Eurostar launched their services in theUK, the primary option of travellers was to take a flight. It was sixteen years back! Now that the high speed rail market of Eurostar has been introduced, passengers commuting betweenParisandLondonconsider railways as their first choice. Since the last few years there has been a large increase in passengers travelling viaBrusselsandParisto reach other destinations. The tendency has been nurtured by the less travelling time and the wish to tour in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


Eurostar is a corporate entity now and does not operate just in theUK,BelgiumandFrance. The aim of Eurostar is to attract more people to high speed rail to travel all over inEurope. Now they wish to widen their areas of operation toGermany,FranceandNetherlands.


Eurostar has enhanced their services to Business Premier Customers with guaranteed boarding to enable them to get a seat on the very next train in case they turn up early, Alain Roux menus and a taxi service which stands ready to pick them up in business lounges. For their Leisure customers, Eurostar provides a memorable leisure time for no extra cost. They can indulge in music, art, shopping or gastronomy.


The Eurostar Plus initiative offers travellers admission toLondon’s top museums and galleries, that too for the cost of ‘two for the cost of one’! Moreover, the deal recently entered in to between Eurostar and Jamie Oliver ensures customers a 15% discount at restaurants.


The stylish and comfy fleet of trains from Eurostar will take travellers to new realms of travelling pleasure.