The Eurolines website is designed to meet requirements of the road traveller. The front-page has all important categories displayed on the menu bar. Plus, you can book online your journey using the facility provided. There's also a map to help you decide on your travel plans. Travelling across Europe can be a great experience as there are so many places to visit. So organising your travel well in advance is essential and to your advantage.

The main menu has 'Eurolines Pass', 'Useful Documents', 'Our Offers', 'Accommodation' and 'About Us' to help the visitor to the site in every way. Under each category you get to learn more. 'Eurolines Pass' is flexible way to travel and great way to save money. You also get discounted hotel and hostel accommodation through this website. Under Useful Documents you get a pick of travel resources. The resources are for all the countries you intend to travel to, with essential downloads and information websites. To the bottom of the web-page you can find 'Explore', where you can choose the country you like to travel by bus. Suppose you click on 'Austria by bus', see 'Austria Photos' and learn about 'Useful Documents' for your travel. At the bottom of the web-page you get under 'Eurolines' more content like 'Quality Charter', 'Terms &Conditions', 'Green Travel', 'Member' and others for your information.