Coming to the Eclipse website, you can find all required information packed and laid out into the site pretty neatly. The front-page highlights their products and what's new they are offering. They have for interested customers products like, the 'Internet Connect' and 'Network Connect'. The main menu has their services on tabs, such as, 'Hosting Services', 'Broadband & Connectivity', 'Websites & eStore', 'Backup & Monitoring' and 'Email Services'. Under each of these categories you can further find what the company has to offer, as unique products and services, for home and businesses. For instance, if you look into 'Broadband Connectivity' you 'll find products such as Broadband DSL, Business Broadband, Business Fibre, Home Broadband, Home Fibre and Home Bundles being offered. Under each of these you can find out more details and information. If you are user you can log-in to your account and help yourself. You can avail 'Help and Support' otherwise or read 'About Eclipse' or read the 'Blog'. You can go to 'Online Chat' and 'View our Help Centre' too if you wish to. You can even check your connection speed online here. Or perhaps sign-up for their 'Email Newsletter'. You can follow them on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others. You can read on 'Awards & Accreditations' they have earned. Or read on further at the bottom of the web-page on 'Eclipse Connect' or 'Useful'. You can also phone up for Business or Home services or products separately, using the phone numbers provided on the site.