Travel is the field of specialization of the renowned pan-European travel agency online, known as ebookers.com. The wide variety of travel they offer comprises 100,000 hotels, 250 airlines, car hire, holidays and insurance. A part of NYSE: OWW, a major international online travel company, ebookers.com ensure they serve customers to the best. Customers can buy their travel products via telephone and online. The area of their operation extends to more than 13 countries all over Europe. Headquarters of ebookers is located inCentral London.


Founded in 1988, ebookers.com was originally known as Flightbookers Ltd. Founded by Dinesh Dhamija they launched the interactive travel website for the first time in theUK. Later, the internet arm of the company was separated and named ebookers.com.


Cendant acquired ebookers.com in 2005. Cendant Corporation decided to split in to different companies for the need of interesting to stockholders. The four parts contained Real Estate, Distribution, Vehicle Rental Companies and Hospitality. Though Cendant had plans to set up a travel distribution division named Travel port, it did not work out. Travel port soon became a part Blackstone group, and ebookers.com turned out to be the European brand for Travel port’s three chief divisions.


Ebookers.com uses innovative technology so that business travellers can investigate, make plans, decide and then book the beneficial variety of travel products offered by them. Ebookers.com is frequented by customers for their range of travel products, value they get for their money and the expertise of the travel firm. The team at ebookers has the knowledge and passion to do business in the most appropriate way. The discounts offered here is more than anywhere else you can find, the 75% off on standard costs offered by Ebookers.com is possible due to their close relationship with popular travel suppliers.


Ebookers.com is popular for their cheap long distance flights. The flight team at ebookers keep in constant touch with the best airlines for the best offer. Customers can expect best advice on travel from the travel savvy site. Multi-channel booking, wide range of great value holidays, good accommodation at the best hotels, arranging car hire online and seeing to travel extras online has made ebookers highly popular among customers. Email newsletter updates from them, constantly keeps customers about the changes taking place.