Are you by any chance a person who loves gardening? There are numerous online gardening shops that deal in all kinds of horticultural items today. One of the most well known among them is Dobbies. This concern that is more than 145 years old as it was started in 1865, is still one of the leading horticultural concern in theUKthat is renowned for its excellent quality products that they provide you with. They have around thirty two stores across theUK,ScotlandandNorthern Irelandand have a wonderful array of quality plants and gardening tools to offer you.


You do not have to be a skilled gardener to visit this store. This is because this wonderful store is equipped with all that is required to make your garden bloom. You just need to get the right plants and accessories and sit back and watch your garden grow with you. You can also enroll in their gardening club that can help you avail of fabulous discounts and member benefits three sixty five days a year.


Their online store holds summer sales where you can purchase select items for half the price and all order over fifty pounds are delivered to your doorstep free of cost. Some of the special items that they have on sale at times are Animal housing, garden features, birds nest, garden furniture, barbecues and a whole lot of other accessories.


Dobbies make it their business to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied with their purchases of the many varieties of plants they stock. In order to prove their sincerity they offer their customers a five year guarantee on all the plants in their nursery. If any of the plants purchased by a customer does not establish within a five year period, they promise that the plant will be replaced at the cost of the store. For this if by chance any plant that you buy fails to get established, all you have to do is provide the store with proof of purchase and the label of the plant you bought and Dobbies will replace or refund your money in full.  Of course you will have to adhere strictly to the planting and plant care instructions.


Dobbies also offer excellent advice on how to grow and take care of not only your garden but they also give you advice on pet care too. All you have to do is log on to their site and click on the pet care advice section and voila, you have advice on how you can take care of a variety of animals, rodents, birds, monkeys and even snakes.


Hence if you have a penchant for gardening, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to visit if you have not yet done so. You can be assured that you will not be disappointed.