Discount Theatre

Meet all your theatre needs with discount theatre, the best of its kind! The authorized London Ticket Retailer along withWest Endreservation system offers real-time and sure booking to customers. Here, customers get the benefit of confirming seat locations even before the purchase is made. Discount theatre works with Show Producers to present customers the best offers. Anyone who tries the great ticket offers, shows and dinner packages of discount theatre is sure to be bowled over! Moreover, for discount free premium performances, tickets are offered at face value along with a booking fee. This is provided along with STAR guidelines.


The tickets you buy at www. is provided by Encore Tickets Limited. It belongs to the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers, which is a regulatory body, run within strategies of the Office of Fair Trading, the London Tourist Board, the British Tourist Authority and Society of London Theatre.


The general guidelines under which discount theatre operates, puts forth some guidelines. Children below five will not be granted permission to the theatre. This is to ensure that other members who pay for their admission are not distracted. Admission to the theatre will be the decision of the management.


Tickets will be posted in the address of the credit card holder or can be collected at the theatre before half an hour of the performance. If tickets are lost, discount theatre should be contacted at the earliest to check if duplicate tickets will be issued. In most cases duplicate tickets are provided. In case you cannot use your tickets you can contact Encore to verify if you can get a refund. Though they follow a strict no-refund policy, on some occasions they might be able to re-sell the tickets. Resale charges, in such cases will be issued from the person.


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