DFDS Sea Ways

DFDS is a transport network that offers convenient and cost effective sea transport. It is based inNorthern Europe. The network combines passenger services along with freight services in the best way. DFDS, the high frequency and dependable freight services are made use of by forwarding and haulage companies. Moreover, they work on to offer business logistics solutions in association with manufacturers who deal with heavy industrial products. The maritime experiences passenger enjoys and the excellent transport facilities for passengers offered by DFDS are enjoyed by customers who love to travel by car.


DFDS aims to serve passengers and freight customers via various route network activities. Some of them are mentioned below.


Freight ways (ro-ro) services to roll cargo intermittently from the ship are one of them. It also lifts cargo intermittently from the ship with its Freight routes or (lo-lo) services. The (ro-pax) services, ie, Passenger and shipment routes services of the firm employ ships to serve customers by maintaining freight and passenger balance. The main intention of cruise ferry is to serve passengers. DFDS port terminals handles passengers and cargo in an efficient way. The capable logistics and transport services feed volumes to network, and various offices are set up to offer services to passengers and freight. Besides providing excellent transportation to customers on land and rail, DFDS works on activities regarding containers and shipping activities.


DFDS with its 140 years of experience in the field boasts of the largest fleet in Europe. The company has 6,000 employees and group revenue of 6.5 billion. The beautiful ships of the company still sail on routes on which they started in the 1800s. Due to the advancement in technology, new ventures have been started and some of the old ones dropped. Ferry routes, hotels and holidays, group travel, mini cruises, special offers onboard and destinations offered by DFDS is remarkable. Ferry offers to different locations likeHolland,France,Denmark, etc provided by the company are money saving deals which provides enjoyment to customers.