Crucial is a part (or division) of one of the world's biggest manufacturers of memory devices called Micron. Micron is a supplier to major companies who are manufacturers of computers and devices. They include IBM, HP, Gateway, Apple and others. Crucial tests and does research in the memory and storage devices, to be able to supply the best solution or upgrade to any customer. They are one of the very first to test a new game, or OS, or a motherboard, or a new platform that's introduced in the market. Even BT uses drives from Crucial.


On their elaborate website, any visitor can shop for the required memory or storage device in the categories, such as Memory (RAM), Solid State Devices, Solid State Cache, Accessories and Support. The website also hosts a Memory Advisor, System Scanner and SSD Advisor. Under each there are more classifications to help the customer choose specifically for his need or to resolve the issue. The customer can also shop by manufacturer. Under the 'Shop' category there are sections named Business/Reseller, Government/Education and International. There's also 'Order Assistance' under which a customer can find about 'Order Status', 'Warranty', 'Returns', 'Payment Terms' and 'Shipping'. Further the visitor can seek in 'Help' many ways to make a correct purchase by clicking on SSD Buying Guide, FAQs, Memory Buying Guide,Product Support, Forum or Contact Us.


There's a shopping cart to help you purchase over this secured site. You can sign-in and become a member too. The company has won many awards. They were finalists at the e-Commerce Awards 2012, for the Best eRetailer Delivery Award, at the UK's number 1 event dedicated to online businesses. At you can pick the right product with confidence.