Cosyfeet came in to existence in 1983 with an aim to provide more roomy and comfortable footwear to people with bigger feet. From then on, they have expanded and now cosyfeet product range includes hosiery and socks, foot-care solutions of premium quality, and other inventive mobility products. A part of Foot Shop Ltd in Somerset, they have another company to boast of namely, Walktall. At Walktall you can buy footwear for men who use (12-19) sizes in footwear.

Cosyfeet is dedicated to making and offering the best to its customers, even health professionals recommend cosyfeet products to customers. People affected by arthritis, problem feet due to poor circulation, diabetes and inflammation of foot etc, find comfort in footwear produced by cosyfeet.

Cosyfeet has strong work association with health care professionals with whom they share guidance on fitting swollen feet, trial packs of footwear, hosiery and sock, catalogues and catalogue holders.

Women with foot of extra width will find cosyfeet EEEEE+ Fitting footwear extremely convenient. They are great for people with orthotics. A range of products like boots, shoes, slippers or sandals in fabric or leather uppers and touch or lace closures will appeal to any woman.

Men’s Footwear comes in extra wide, HH+ Fitting for men with orthotics, inflamed or problem feet. Men’s footwear range also includes sandals, shoes, slippers and boots in fabric or leather uppers. The closures provided in men’s footwear too are touch fastening or lace.

Comfort Socks and comfort hosiery from cosyfeet are guaranteed for comfort. Socks range includes men’s and women’s socks, lightweight socks, warm socks and socks for sensitive feet. Extra roomy socks and Softhold® socks and seam-free diabetic socks are designed especially for large feet. Stockings, Tights, Hold-ups, Knee Highs etc are stocked in the hosiery section of cosyfeet.  

Cosyfeet products also include gels that offer comfort and protection to feet from corns, bunions and calluses by keeping them moisturized. Leg and body products like back care, circulation booster, and waterproof stocking etc from cosyfeet are widely acclaimed. Volaris Rollators, Sholeco® Trolleys, Rolser Trolley etc keeps you active by allowing trouble free mobility.