Cosmetic Lenses

Cosmetic lenses are the best way to get a facelift in seconds! The value for money cosmetic lenses from has the best range of lenses for every eyes and taste. has set up its office inLondonwith their head office inSweden. The company established in 2004 March has 20 employees. The company sells not only cosmetic lenses but beauty products and mind blowing fragrances as well. Skin care products, Hair Products, Sunglasses, Luxury fragrances, Tooth Whitening, Halloween Gift Vouchers and Personal Care products are available at the shop. With above 5.000 items in stock, the company holds the topmost position among online retailers who sells fragrance collections and cosmetic lenses. They have 7 web shops through which they sell their products across Europe. The company on the path of fast growth seeks to expand their business to new areas.


Cosmetic lenses were only used by celebrities in its earlier days. They were made use of in the film industry to create special effects. Today, it is a make-up item used by men and women to add a special look to their appearance. No doubt, they do their job well!


There are non-prescription cosmetic lenses and prescribed cosmetic lenses for your need. Non-prescription cosmetic lenses are for individuals who do not need visual correction. Here, the use is entirely for cosmetic purpose. Prescribed cosmetic lenses serve the dual need of functionality and beauty. Vision correction along with cosmetic need is served by them.


Cosmetic lenses are obtained in various colours like brown, Green, turquoise, grey and purple at Brown lenses enhance and tones your brown eyes and offers a special contrast if used by people who has eyes other than brown. However, the final effect will depend on the natural eye colour of the wearer. Beautiful blue eyes never go out of fashion. You can add a special touch by wearing blue contacts to your already blue eyes or use it to change your eye colour, if you are not naturally blue-eyed.


Circle lenses available at are greatly in demand. The intention of using them is to enlarge eyes. They are available with colour and without colour. Circle eyes are also called doll eye lenses and big eyes lenses. Circle lenses called Black shade and Black star go well with all eye colours. Freshlook Colour blends with brown eyes well. Freshlook Dimensions lenses are for bright eyes of grey, light blue and green eyes, and expression colours for all eye colours are available at the popular shop. Crazy lenses are designed to draw attention to the wearer. 11 varied motives are available at for you to enjoy some fun.


Monthly lenses, One Day Disposables, Weekly Lenses, Themed lens cases, Continuous wear, One Day Disposables, Toric lenses etc are other attractive cosmetic lenses capable of offering you a new look. When you place your order at ensure you ask for lens containers for safe storage of your lens and cleaning solution to clean your lens.